Negativity on Social Media: What do your Tweets say about you on Twitter?

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Negativity on Social Media; we see it everyday on Twitter but should we always share it with our followers? Now, if it’s your personal Twitter account, then go right ahead, let it rip! But seriously you need to ask yourself, “Would I want a potential employer see what I just said on Twitter?” and if the answer is no, then hold back on some of that negativity. Twitter is a great place to vent but it is a public domain and there are many people you can offend.

One rule I try to stick to is not to vent negatively on Social Media… well not too much anyway.

If you’re a business owner or a professional on Twitter and potential clients watch your online presence, then it is worth watching what you say. I know this goes against what Twitter is all about, about being yourself, being free and expressing what you’re feeling at any given time but there is a line that you need to be aware of.

I’m not saying you can’t complain about being over charged by your telecommunication company or being annoyed that your train has no seats during peak hour to Melbourne! These are fine and your followers will empathies with you, I even Tweeted about my whole ordeal with changing my mobile phone plan, it was a great way to connect with my followers and I was able to help a few people out too.

I just don’t think Twitter should be place for venting all your negative thoughts, we understand you may not be happy with the current state of politics, how the current mayor is going or why Geelong lost against Port Adelaide last week but constantly bringing it up is a quick way to lose followers.

I know I can only take so many complains on Twitter before I unfollow someone or ignore people that try to draw me into a negative conversation about a business, person or politics.

The World is a negative enough place already; lets try to share more happiness. When someone’s tweet makes me smile or laugh out loud, it makes me happy and I always let the person know that they made me smile. But if a tweet makes me annoyed or frustrated, I simply ignore it and eventually unfollow the person.

There’s no guide with this blog, just my thoughts about how people need to behave on Twitter. A great way to filter out what you tweet is to stop and ask yourself, “Would I say this out loud in a room full of strangers?” Because, lets face it, that is what you’re doing on Twitter.

Till next time, stay social guys.

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