How much is too much? – Marketing on Twitter


No matter what your brand is, you would be silly not to promote yourself & your work on Twitter. You know you’re hitting the right targets when your tweets are ending up in your follower’s feeds. However, you can over cook it. How much is too much?

First of all, it’s important to remember that Twitter is a SOCIAL network. Perhaps it would be a good idea to connect with your followers on a social level. Ask some questions, reply to some tweets, get involved! If you are strictly business 24/7 and you never engage your followers, prepare to have your tweets ignored.

If you’re a Twitter user who only posts links to their online store over and over, then your links will become easily disregarded. The unfollow button is never far away, keep that in mind. You may think you’re a marketing pro, but there is a fine line between great content and spam.

I once followed a twitter user who was guilty of over promotion. it wasn’t long before I noticed that his tweets often had links but never had any substance. There was no evidence of the user connecting with his followers on any level, not even a Retweet. Finally the hashtag abuse Began. His technique was questionable at best. No trending topic was safe, no matter how irrelevant it was. Eventually I was able to read between the lines, and his tweets started to look a like this;
“@Gullablefollowers Give me your money #Greedy #ImNotYourFriend”

I don’t want you to be afraid to promote your brand on Twitter. Your followers want your content if you’re doing it right, that’s why they follow you. Take some time to find the happy medium, enjoy twitter for what it is, and make it work for you.

How much is too much? – Marketing on Twitter

Dayne Collins