The BBQ & Brews Show

The BBQ & Brews Show

The BBQ & Brews Show. From the backyard BBQ to the shining lights of their garage studio, Reyan and Mark have been sharing their love of BBQ with the world via their Instagram based series. The show, with the weekly live shows have shared over 50 stories about the amazing people across the BBQ community in Australia and New Zealand.

The BBQ & Brews Show is live, unedited, and raw with amazing insights from their guests. Including some hilarious beer induced fumbles along the way from the hosts and guests alike.

From brilliant backyard pit masters to those thinking of starting their own BBQ rub company and to farmers that provide the fantastic produce. These guys really interview from farm to table and everything in-between.

Reyan aka @ribappreciation, as his title suggests, is a man that appreciates good BBQ ribs. He is always looking for the next rack of BBQ ribs to devour. He started his low ‘n slow BBQ journey over two years ago, a relative newcomer to the community, but he fell in love with the it and hasn’t looked back since!

Mark aka @bbqandthegeek, enjoys some heat on his meat and is always pushing to spice up his BBQ. He is always looking for the next BBQ gadget to add to his arsenal. On a weekend you can find him firing up his Traeger and throwing down some amazing BBQ, always pushing for the perfect flavour combination.

Reyan and Mark both appreciate a good beer and a chat about anything BBQ, with a real passion for the BBQ community, for low ‘n slow BBQ and eating BBQ, these guys are always hungry for a great conversation and amazing BBQ!

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