5 Fun Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Almost every business now has a Facebook page, but many are not used as effectively as they could be.

Getting more ‘likes’ or followers on your Facebook is the simplest way to improve your reach. Every person who likes your page will see at least some of your posts in their feed.

In general, having more followers from your target market means you can reach them and also their friends and social circles when you post. This second, wider circle that sees your content when it gets shared or liked by your followers is what makes Facebook so powerful. Yet many businesses do not have a strategy to help them get more followers.

Here are five simple, fun tips to help you get more likes.

#1 – Pimp your page, including pictures

Your page needs to make a great first impression. Your profile information should be complete and your page should have a strong cover photo. When someone lands on your Facebook business page they should know what your business is, what you can do for them and most importantly, who you are. This is social media, remember? Who you are matters.

Include pictures of you and your business in a gallery. These should be of you, your staff, your building, or your products. You might be sharing funny cat pictures through your feed but your cover photo and galleries are the place to show who you are. Photos are a great opportunity to show your face.

#2 – Recruit your friends and family

Don’t underestimate the social circles your family and friends have. Every person you can get to like or share your posts spreads your reach a little further.

It’s easy to invite your personal facebook friends to like your business page, the invite box is built into the admin area of the page. But more than that, have a talk to some of them and ask them to like and share your posts as often as they can. This gets the ball rolling with engagement and helps more people see your posts.

#3 – Run a competition

This is fun and also practical: if you’ve got a competition running with a great prize, it is almost sure to be shared widely. Tailor the prize to suit your target audience and you will make the reach even more effective.

A local ski gear shop we have worked with gives away two snowboards at the start of every season using a Facebook competition, and last year they had over 1000 entries. The gear they give away is leftover stock from the previous year, so the prize hardly costs them anything compared to the excellent engagement they receive.

Another advantage to a competition is that you can use it to get better contact details of those who enter. For example you may require that people sign up to your mailing list to participate, giving you access to email them directly, outside of Facebook.

#4 – Give away something for free

Giveaways, like competitions, attract people and are highly shareable. If you sell a product, offer a free sample if possible. Or if you perform a service, create a short video series or ebook and give away access.

As with competitions, a giveaway can give you the opportunity to collect email or phone contact details and touch people directly.

#5 – Make friends with other businesses

Many other businesses and groups have open pages with their own communities. By participating in those conversations using your business account you can post as your business, and people will get to know your brand and who you are.

To be most effective choose groups or business pages that are have the same target audience as you. (But stay away from pages of direct competitors.)

In this way you can reach entire communities that are already established, and if you are insightful, entertaining and knowledgeable they will be encouraged to follow your own page.

Now what?

Don’t forget, having people click ‘like’ is only the first step. From then on you need to engage them.

I know ‘engagement’ sounds like marketing speech (and it is) but  if you’re boring your new followers and they ignore your posts in their feed the first few times, you will quickly disappear from their feed altogether. If this happens they’ll stop seeing your updates even if they are still officially ‘liking’ your page.

So keep experimenting with what brings new likers and also what your audience responds to once they are followers.

And send me a link to your page and I’ll guarantee you one more like!


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