Put the “Social” back into Social Media

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Put the “Social” back into Social Media

It’s pretty much impossible to do anything these days without interacting with some form of social media. Wake up and check Facebook, eat breakfast while tweeting and Instagraming your breakfast while walking to work… we all do it.

But sometimes you just need to stop and think about how “social” you are actually being. Liking Jason’s Facebook post and re-tweeting Sophie’s tweet about last night game is great but surely there’s more to it than that, right?

I certainly think so and I’m going to throw out another challenge, why not catch up with your favourite tweeps this winter? You know the one’s you always interact with online. You’ll be surprised at the connections you can make offline that are so much more productive than purely online connections.

I’d recommend keeping it local, a quick coffee with Jan in Adelaide maybe be a bit hard but grabbing a quick latte with Dayne in Geelong, now that’s easy. I’ve caught up with several tweeps and it’s been great, it makes those online connections so much stronger and if you are a business owner this is even more useful to help get more from the time your spend on Social Media.

Everybody’s time is important, so pick your connections carefully and make sure you can both get something out of a meet up.

Good luck and stay social.

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