A Simple Social Media Tip: Turning a negative into a positive.

A Simple Social Media Tip

Recently I received another one of those annoying spam tweets from a local company that I follow on Twitter, see image below. I did my bit and let them know that they’re spamming people and they did the obligatory apologies, password change and deletion all the spam tweets. Just another day on Twitter really…

Sladen Tweet

But the guys at Sladen Legal took this Twitter faux pas and made it into a positive with a follow up blog post about the whole ordeal. Called “Dealing with Twitter Spam”, they explained the whole situation and gave us some great tips on how to prevent yourself from being a victim of a Twitter spam attack.

“There are several reasons why your Twitter account may send unauthorised, unexpected tweets. Usually the culprit is a third party application which you have inadvertently authorised to access your account.”

It’s a great example of how to turn a Social Media negative into a positive and it’s so simple really, Sladen Legal are the first tweeps that I have seen do this in a long… long time and I thought it was awesome!

Of course, it’s always easier to NOT have your account compromised and spam people or to say something you shouldn’t on Twitter but if you do, just remember that you don’t have to hide your head in the metaphorical Twitter sand. Just be honest with your followers, give them a positive (like a blog post) and move on.

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Till next time, stay social guys!

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