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LinkedIn Background Image: Create Your Own Word Cloud
Sentari: Ice
How a local dad became an author – Sentari: Ice
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LinkedIn Background Image: Create Your Own Word Cloud

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  LinkedIn Background Image: Create Your Own Some of you may have noticed that LinkedIn now allows you to add your own customisable Background Photo on your profile. If you're running your own business or part of a large organisation you might be able to use an existing business banner but if you have no idea what photo to use, I have an awesome idea, why not create your own Word Cloud? First, check out the LinkedIn guide to "Adding or Changing the Background Photo on Your Profile" by clicking here. The background images must be: File type: JPG, GIF or PNG No larger than 4MB. Pixel dimensions between 1000 X 425 ...

How a local dad became an author – Sentari: Ice

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I caught up with local author Trevor Booth this week to talk about his recently released book Sentari: Ice and all things Social Media. Trevor started working on Sentari: Ice about four years ago and released it in May this year. Originally it was meant to be a short story for his sons to enjoy but he found out very quickly that it was going to be much more than that and that it wasn’t going to be story for kids either. We spoke about the 6-month period where he had to stop writing his book after his third son was born with kidney failure. This was a traumatic time for him but once finding out that his son was going to be ok ...

Put the “Social” back into Social Media

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Put the "Social" back into Social Media It’s pretty much impossible to do anything these days without interacting with some form of social media. Wake up and check Facebook, eat breakfast while tweeting and Instagraming your breakfast while walking to work… we all do it. But sometimes you just need to stop and think about how “social” you are actually being. Liking Jason’s Facebook post and re-tweeting Sophie’s tweet about last night game is great but surely there’s more to it than that, right? I certainly think so and I’m going to throw out another challenge, why not catch up with your favourite tweeps ...