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Sentari: Ice
How a local dad became an author – Sentari: Ice
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Create your real-world community. Then move it online.

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I’ve just had an epiphany. That may be too strong a description but there was a moment when I suddenly realised how social media works. Yeah, I know you’re probably now questioning my credentials as everyone knows how it works, right? Well, if everyone knows how it works, how come so many SMEs are questioning the value of their social media accounts? Let’s start in the days leading up to my ‘Eureka’ moment. My young son was in the final weeks of his first-ever cricket season. We felt really welcomed by his cricket club. I wanted to help them in return and offered to set up the club’s Facebook page. When it ...

Gardening tips for Social Media Managers

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I love gardening and have a variety of plants in my garden. Some are showy and colourful. Others are understated but still contribute to my garden’s overall success. I know I need to care for my garden to ensure it flourishes. However, I don’t want to be overwhelmed by its upkeep. So, I planned and created my garden with the following rules in mind: Carefully choose each plant. Identify the types of birds, butterflies, bees etc that it attracts to make sure they are the types of visitors you want. Do your research to discover the plants best suited for your area so that you get the best results. Always keep an eye on ...