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Put the “Social” back into Social Media

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Put the "Social" back into Social Media It’s pretty much impossible to do anything these days without interacting with some form of social media. Wake up and check Facebook, eat breakfast while tweeting and Instagraming your breakfast while walking to work… we all do it. But sometimes you just need to stop and think about how “social” you are actually being. Liking Jason’s Facebook post and re-tweeting Sophie’s tweet about last night game is great but surely there’s more to it than that, right? I certainly think so and I’m going to throw out another challenge, why not catch up with your ...

Negativity on Social Media: What do your Tweets say about you on Twitter?

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Negativity on Social Media; we see it everyday on Twitter but should we always share it with our followers? Now, if it's your personal Twitter account, then go right ahead, let it rip! But seriously you need to ask yourself, "Would I want a potential employer see what I just said on Twitter?" and if the answer is no, then hold back on some of that negativity. Twitter is a great place to vent but it is a public domain and there are many people you can offend. One rule I try to stick to is not to vent negatively on Social Media... well not too much anyway. If you’re a business owner or a professional on Twitter ...

A Simple Social Media Tip: Turning a negative into a positive.

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A Simple Social Media Tip Recently I received another one of those annoying spam tweets from a local company that I follow on Twitter, see image below. I did my bit and let them know that they're spamming people and they did the obligatory apologies, password change and deletion all the spam tweets. Just another day on Twitter really… But the guys at Sladen Legal took this Twitter faux pas and made it into a positive with a follow up blog post about the whole ordeal. Called “Dealing with Twitter Spam”, they explained the whole situation and gave us some great tips on how to prevent yourself from being a ...